Told By Shift

There’s an alchemy that occurs when a perfectly-crafted story makes us lean in. A story that makes us want, and need more. It’s this very moment when a transformation happens — a SHIFT.

Told By Shift

we tell


Told by Shift
Told by Shift


Told by Shift



Told by Shift

We partner with our clients to harness this incredible power of storytelling and human connection.

We dig deep to discover just the right strategy and information. Then, through high-impact videos and content creation, we bring stories to life that drive action, inspire change and achieve results.

Told by Shift

For us, this is all centered around something very simple: listening.

It’s in everything we do and everything we believe.

When we truly listen—to our clients, to the world around us, and to the story forming right in front of us, we see all that’s possible.

Told by Shift

We have a deep yearning to

It’s what defines our spirit, people, and culture. We’re about shifting, and ever-evolving toward our self-actualization, as an organization and as individuals. We’re not about to rest in the stillness of the status quo. It’s way too quiet for us there.

Told by Shift is our playground. A place for humans to be more human. A place where creativity and big thinking is always fostered. A place that holds space for personal growth and expansion. We believe that, when we truly dig deep and show up for ourselves, we can show up for the world and spark real change. These beliefs flow seamlessly through all the work we do and all that we are. We are possibility-pushers, rule-breakers, and boundary-crossers leveraging our longing to create as a force of transformation at every level.

Told by ShiftTold by Shift

We  tell


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