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Told By Shift

The Defenders is a multimedia storytelling project that champions the frontline heroes fighting against illegal gold mining in the remote Amazon rainforest of Madre de Dios, Peru.

In an all but forgotten terrain, far beyond the reach of law, sophisticated mafias run complex illicit economies, turning forests into treeless deserts, poisoning the water, and enslaving women and children. In this no-man’s-land, a war rages. Criminal mining gangs gun down humble farmers and laborers, steal their land, and intimidate outside help with death threats.

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Told By Shift

With no one left to call for help, community activists have banded together as the unlikely defenders of their homelands. Unfolding in the world’s most important ecosystem in mitigating the effects of global climate change, this untold story culminates in a desperate but heroic grassroots stand.

against illegal gold mining to protect the future for us all. The Defenders Campaign is wide-spreading with many touch points in development currently. This teaser video is for our feature film that follows an ongoing story that unfolds over the course of several years.

Told by ShiftTold by Shift

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